Week 6, Thursday, November 3, 2016 Articles

MAAS as a part of LADOT’s transportation plan

  • Trends
    • EVs
    • CVs/AVs
    • multimodal way of moving
  • MAAS
    • could be a subscription deal
  • Market forces
    • Uber and Lyft, could enter conversation to benefit public organizations through policy or price
      • Urban designers/leaders/architects  (Ashley Hand!) to influence these decisions to set an appropriate environment for the future
  • Regulation
    • LA taxi organization structured similarly to Uber
    • Artificial cap has been detrimental
    • Need some sort of regional planning so there isn’t a “patchwork” of different regulations
  • Innovation in cities
    • Collaboration between departments
  • “Storyteller-in- Chief”

Inclusive Smart Cities and Digital Health

  • Applications and research for smart homes
  • medical data privacy issues

Singapore as an urban living lab

Common Architecture for Urban Development (digital/technology)

  • history of digital cities–> shift to ubiquitous technology
  • immersive data collection
  • lattice of services provided

Living Labs for Culture (Asia- Europe Foundation)

  1. Culture and Policymaking in the City
  2. Cultural Institutions and the City
  3. Arts Leadership
  4. Capitals of Culture
  5. Special Focus on Korea

We need Clark Green City, a new metropolis

  • decongestion, people out of Metro Manila
  • living in harmony with nature
  • resilient in disasters
  • refer to Singapore’s success
  • not optimistic to 2030 [observation: different from some other cities in US, EU, Asia with 2030 vision]

Japan sees Clark Green City as future industrial model of ASEAN

  • Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation
    • overseas infrastructure investments
    • working with Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA)
  • focused on ICT infrastructure and renewable energy
  • logistics network
  • Healthcare upgrade
    • new technologies to innovate healthcare and make it accessible
  • collaborating with 30 development teams in Japan to implement project

About Clark Green City (CGC)

  • central park with a business district
  • good transpo system
  • housing
  • mixed-use
  • typical smart city pitch (actually, without focus on tech, mostly typical design standards)

BCDA signs MoU with Japanese firms (11/2/16)

  • 6 month feasibility study on creating energy storage and management system, district cooling system, total energy network, and private utility company in CGC
  • P10 million pesos
  • partnerships through infrastructure projects

The Consequences of the Creative Class in Australian Cities (2007)

Barriers to Innovation: 2007 Study of EU firms

  • External and internal barriers
    • internal – organizations resisting change
      • adoption (excessive bureaucracy)
      • mindset
      • risk (reliance on routine)
      • management
    • external – institutional context (market, government, system failures; occur in firm to firm interaction
      • Helping innovation
        • standardization
        • regulation
        • financing of innovation
        • availability of skilled labor and tech transfer

Innovation in Catalonia: 2007

  • List of barriers
    • Cost
      • lack of internal funds
      • lack of external funds
      • direction innovation costs too high
    • Knowledge barriers
      • Lack of qualified personnel
      • Lack of information on tech
      • Lack of information on markets
      • Barriers to finding partners for innovation
    • Market barriers
      • Market dominated by established enterprises
      • Uncertain demand  for innovative goods and services
      • Lack of demand for innovation

Innovation of Small to Med Firms in India: 2016

Creative Cities are Walkable Cities: 2013

  • Richard Florida
  • James Landry
    • More interactions can happen
    • Faster transactions
    • Serendipitous projects and interactions


What storytelling does to our brain

Stories as our personality

Harvard Business Review: Storytelling that Moves People

Storytelling and Mental Health

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